High Point Program

The East Tennessee Saddlebred Association offers a High Point Awards Program in which ETSA members have the opportunity to show at affiliated shows and earn points toward High Point Awards.  ETSA holds a banquet each year where these awards are presented and members recognized for their accomplishments.


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To participate in the High Point Awards Program:

  1. Both the owner and rider must be current members of ETSA in good standing (membership dues paid for current year). Exceptions:
    • EXCEPTION 1 – Rescued horses that the ownership of the horse is retained by the rescue organization, in which case the rescue organization and rider must be members of ETSA
    • EXCEPTION 2 – Rescued horses for which the owner on record with ASHBA refuses to transfer the papers, in which case the rescue/new owner must provide a written explanation to be kept on file by ETSA explaining the situation. The rider must be an ETSA member.
  2. Must show in three (3) ASHBA sanctioned shows. If a particular class is only offered at two shows, then the award will be presented based on points from those two shows.
  3. Academy riders must show at two (2) ASHBA sanctioned shows.
  4. Nominator must assist with a show put on by ETSA (ETSA Spring Classic, ETSA Midsummer Classic or other ETSA sponsored event [Note: Helping at non-ETSA shows does not meet this requirement]) by serving on the horse show committee (must attend at least three [3] meetings), providing food for the exhibitors party/hospitality breakfast, working during a show, selling sponsorships, sponsoring Add A Class, or sponsoring ETSA horse show classes.
  5. It is the member’s responsibility to notify the Recording Secretary within fourteen (14) days by writing or through email of any service performed in E.4. August 31 is the final deadline for submitting this information in writing for high point qualification.

Nominations and Accruing Points

  1. Horses must be nominated, and dues paid in order to receive points. In equitation and academy divisions, the rider must be nominated, and dues paid in order to receive points. A nomination form must be filled out and submitted to the ETSA recording secretary and dues paid before the horse or rider is eligible for points.
  2. Points will be awarded in the class the horse or rider shows in at each individual show. Horses are not required to be nominated in a particular division; however, points will be awarded only for the exact class in which the horse is shown at each affiliated show. If horses or riders change division from show to show, the points will be awarded for the exact class for each show.
  3. Points earned follow the horse, not the rider. Exception: In equitation and academy points follow the rider.
  4. Points follow the horse if the horse is sold. The new owner must be a current ETSA member and fulfill eligibility requirements to accrue points. If an ETSA member purchases a new horse, the member must nominate that horse through the website, by paper form, or by email before any points will be awarded toward high point for the new horse. Ownership transfers must be made with ASHBA and be reflected by the ASHBA database by December 31 of the competing year for points to be accrued by the new horse.
  5. Points are earned from the date the nomination is received or postmark date if mailed. Points will NOT be awarded for any shows prior to nomination.
  6. The recorded owner of the horse (per ASHA database) must be a current ETSA member. All riders showing the horse must be current members of ETSA in order to receive points.
  7. Members are responsible for contacting the recording secretary by writing or through email within fourteen (14) days of any service performed in E.4. The final deadline for submission is Aug. 31.
  8. Points will be awarded as follows:
    • First place: 10 points
    • Second place: 9 points
    • Third place: 8 points
    • Fourth place: 7 points
    • Fifth place: 6 points
    • Sixth place: 5 points
    • Seventh place: 4 points
    • Eighth place: 3 points
    • Ninth place: 2 points
    • Tenth place: 1 point
  9. Double points will be awarded for championship classes with a qualifier. The horse or rider for equitation and academy must have shown and been judged in both classes to qualify for double points.
  10. Double points will be awarded for shows within the state of Tennessee unless another show is held within the state over the same dates as one of the ETSA club sponsored shows. In the event that this happens, ONLY THE ETSA SHOW will receive double points.
  11. The stated points will be awarded regardless of the number of entries shown in a class.
  12. Points, nominations, and eligibility requirement status will be kept by the recording secretary or other individual selected by the President with the approval of the Executive Board. 

Divisions and Classes

Points will be awarded in the following classes under the listed divisions. Nominated horses will receive points for any of the following listed classes. Points will be awarded for the exact class the horse is shown in at a given show.

Divisions Included in High Point Award Program

  • ASB Five Gaited Division: Open, Amateur, Junior Exhibitor, Junior Horse, Ladies
  • ASB Three Gaited Division: Open, Amateur, Junior Exhibitor, Junior Horse, Ladies
  • ASB Fine Harness Division: (one award) points will be awarded for Open, Amateur, Junior Exhibitor, Junior Horse
  • ASB Three Gaited Park Full Mane and Tail Division: Open, Amateur, Junior Exhibitor, Junior Horse, ASB Park Pleasure Division – Open, Amateur, Junior Exhibitor, Junior Horse
  • ASB Show Pleasure Division: Three-Gaited Adult Show Pleasure, Three-Gaited Junior Exhibitor Show Pleasure, Five-Gaited Adult Show Pleasure, Five-Gaited Junior Exhibitor Show Pleasure, Show Pleasure Driving, Amateur Owned & Trained Three-Gaited Show Pleasure
  • ASB Country Pleasure Division: Three-Gaited English Country Pleasure Adult, Three-Gaited English Country Pleasure Junior Exhibitor, Five-Gaited Country Pleasure, Country Western Pleasure, Hunter Country Pleasure, Natural Country Pleasure, Country Pleasure Driving, Amateur Owned & Trained Three-Gaited Country Pleasure
  • Equitation Division: Saddle Seat Equitation Adult, Saddle Seat Equitation 17 & under (W/T/C), Saddle Seat Equitation 10 & under (W/T)
  • Roadster Pony Division: Open, Amateur, Junior Exhibitor, Under Saddle
  • Saddle Pony Division: English Pleasure Pony
  • Hackney Pleasure Driving Pony Division: Adult, Junior Exhibitor
  • Harness Pony Division: Harness Pony
  • Hackney Pony Division: Hackney Pony (cob tail)
  • Road Horse to Bike Division: (one award) points will be awarded for Open, Adult or Junior Exhibitor
  • English Pleasure: Junior Exhibitor walk & trot
  • Miscellaneous Division Open Breed: Open Western Pleasure, Open Hunter Under, Open English Pleasure WT, Open English Pleasure WTC, Open Pleasure Driving
  • Academy Equitation Division: 8 & under walk & trot equitation, 9-10 walk & trot equitation, 11-17 walk & trot equitation, adult equitation walk & trot, 14 & under W/T/C equitation, 15 & over W/T/C equitation, adult W/T/C equitation, academy lead line walk & trot, academy driving, future show ring star (lead line)

           Note: Restricted classes do not count for points (I.e., Shatner Country Western Pleasure, UPHA Special Awards).

Qualifying Horse Shows

All shows that are ASHBA sanctioned will count for ETSA high point no matter where the show is held. Horse shows are not required to be affiliated with ETSA for the shows’ points to qualify for ETSA high point awards. Any member in good standing who shows a horse that has been nominated according to the nomination guidelines listed above will receive points earned for that show.

High Point Self Reporting and Competition Logs

It is the responsibility of each ETSA member to report their personal horses’ show results EACH year PRIOR to tabulation deadlines. Results must be reported by NOVEMBER 1 by submitting a High Point Competition Log (as documented on the ETSA web site) filled out completely for each nominated horse. It is Owner, Agent, or Rider responsibility to report points earned each competition year. If horses are shown after the November 1 deadline, results can be added to the horse’s Competition Log by simply emailing the results to the Recording Secretary. It is also the Owner, Agent, or Rider responsibility to check the published points standings for accuracy once the Recording Secretary has published the standings. Competition Logs are available on the ETSA website to be filled out by hand and mailed in, scanned and emailed after filling in, or by using the fillable form and emailing. Print as many forms as needed to report each individual horse’s points. Forms will also be available in the office at each of our sponsored horse shows or from the Recording Secretary personally.

NO changes will be made after the competition year has ended and points have been published unless a tabulation error or violation of rules has occurred. Members should review the published competition logs and then file any grievances, protests, questions, comments, or point standing inquiries in writing via email or written letter to the Recording Secretary no later than two (2) weeks after points are published on the ETSA website. Competition Logs are due by NOVEMBER 1 each year and the points tabulation will be published for review by the membership for two (2) weeks prior to finalization of awards.


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Special Awards

The following special awards are given to individuals voted on by the membership at large by secret ballot provided by ETSA prior to the annual meeting and awards banquet. Ballots shall be opened by a committee consisting of three (3) individuals selected from the membership at large.

  1. ETSA Sportsman of the Year; nomination of membership at large.
  2. ETSA Sportswoman of the Year; nomination of membership at large
  3. Youth Sportsmanship Award; nomination of membership at large.

Awards Banquet

Awards Banquet High Point awards will be presented at an annual Awards Banquet held for the general membership. Awards are presented for Special Awards and High Point Awards earned by individuals and/or horses based on the rules listed herein. Members who have not met the stated criteria will not be eligible to receive high point awards regardless of performance. It is the member’s responsibility to arrange award pick up in the event they are unable to attend the awards banquet. ETSA can mail awards to those members willing to pay the packing and postage cost.




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